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Interior decoration trends and matching tips

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Not only the domestic design industry has been upgraded as a result of the addition of professional home furnishings and soft furnishings designers..


Not only the domestic design industry has been upgraded as a result of the addition of professional home furnishings and soft furnishings designers. The home product sales industry has also changed due to the joining of professional home furnishing and soft design.


        From the sales of the product itself to the guidance of consumption of culture, taste and lifestyle, this has driven the fundamental change in the consumption habits of the consumer groups – driving consumption and lifestyle to drive overall consumption.


Industry Trends


        The design culture advocated by the home furnishings soft design has quietly changed people's consumption habits - from product consumption, functional consumption to today's lifestyle (cultural value) consumption, this difference only happened overnight. From the earliest domestic home furnishing design training in 2005, by 2011, thousands of professional home furnishings and soft-pack design talents were injected into the home furnishing industry, and the professional strength realized the overall level of the industry.


        From the beginning of the design to the higher end of the design, from the beginning of the soft design charge to the design project fees continue to rise, from the hard-wear design binding based soft-packing project (cloth textiles, lighting, wallpaper), etc., to the hard-packed soft project Separation, separate charges, and the rise in the overall project charge figures for hard-wearing and soft-wearing.


Design management


        The furnishing and development of the home furnishing and soft design industry is only a few years away, and the changes caused by it are fundamental changes in people's consumption habits that are hard to ignore. The home furnishings soft design guides customers to recognize the coordination and consistency of the space style - this change of understanding directly changes the design company, (wallpaper, fabric textiles, furniture, home accessories) operators, designers know, decoration The design company integrates styles and products through soft-pack design, guiding customers to consume uniform design and products from one style (American-style traditional American furniture, traditional style curtains, wallpapers, old-fashioned lighting with American lifestyle connotation history and culture) , tapestries, candlesticks, furniture, and a spiritual symbol product to focus on the overall style), in order to guide customers to consume the overall design.


Study skills


        "Soft decoration" is proposed relative to the hard structural space of the building itself, and is the extension and development of the architectural visual space. “Soft decoration” is like indoors and gardens, like flowers and trees, mountains, rocks, creeks, winding paths and water rafts in the park. It is an important element that gives indoor space vitality and spiritual value. It plays an important role in modern interior space design. The atmosphere, the creation of environmental mood, the rich spatial level, the strengthening of the indoor environment style, and the adjustment of the environmental color have undoubtedly become the finishing touch in the interior design process.


Soft lighting


        The eyes of the home, if there are no lamps in the family, just like people have no eyes, families without eyes can only live in the dark, so the position of the lamp in the family is crucial. Nowadays, lighting fixtures are called lighting. From the title, people can see that the lamps are not only used for lighting, but also can be used to decorate the room. The lighting market is extremely diverse, the shape is ever-changing, and the performance varies widely. The beauty of the lamps is very important, and the beautifully colored and well-shaped lamps can bring pleasure to people. Since the lighting fixture is an organic component of the entire living room decoration, its style, material and illuminance should be consistent with the indoor function and decorative style, and the lighting fixture should be purchased according to this principle. The ultimate goal is to have a uniform distribution of various light-receiving objects around the luminaire, so that people's visual functions play a good role. Since the line of sight of the person is not fixed, it is often the case that if the brightness of the interior lighting fixture is too large, a short period of time may give a brilliant sense of brightness, which may cause visual fatigue for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically purchase lighting fixtures according to the functions of various parts of the living room.


home decoration


        For the movable decoration, it can better reflect the taste of the owner. It is the crowning touch for creating a home atmosphere. It breaks the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and reassembles crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. A new concept. According to the size and shape of the living space, the living habits of the owner, the hobbies and the economic situation of the living room, the overall design and decoration design plan is integrated, reflecting the personality of the owner, and not the one side. If the home is too old or outdated, and you need to change it, you don't have to spend a lot of money to renovate or change the furniture, you can have a different look and give you a fresh feeling.


Soft wallpaper


        Wallpaper, foreign customary called wallpaper, English for Wallcoverings or Wallpaper, it is a widely used interior decoration material. Because wallpapers are characterized by various colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, and reasonable price, etc., they are widely used in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Japan. . According to the survey, the penetration rate of interior decoration wallpapers in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the United States and other countries has reached more than 90%, and the penetration rate in Japan has reached 100%. The representation of wallpaper is very rich. In order to adapt to different spaces, places, different hobbies, different price levels, there are many types of wallpapers to choose from.


Soft floral


        (1) Eastern style flower arrangement, represented by China and Japan. The selection of flowers is concise, and the posture is beautiful. It is good at using the natural form of the flower material and the artistic conception expressed, and pays attention to the feeling of the season, mainly based on the shape of the lines, mostly balanced composition.


Win with the strange and beautiful posture.


        (2) Western-style flower arrangement, also known as European flower arrangement, is characterized by paying attention to the shape of the flower material, pursuing the artistic charm of the block surface and the group. The work is simple, generous and concise, and the composition is mostly symmetrical and uniform. Rich and thick, with a wide variety of flowers and a large amount of consumption, it shows a passionate, graceful and dignified style.


        (3) Free-style flower arrangement, the combination of east-west flower arrangement, influenced by the factions of various factions in the world today, such as realism, abstraction, futurism, etc., the selection, conception and modeling are more extensive and free. Special emphasis on decoration, speciality, more contemporary and vitality.