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Soft-packed design will become a breakthrough in the future of home furnishing

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Since the 1980s and 1990s, the early domestic decoration has always been the status quo of "renovation, light...


Since the 1980s and 1990s, the early domestic decoration has always been the status quo of "renovation, light decoration". Whether it is from home enterprises, decoration companies, or consumers themselves, soft clothing is a secondary position. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, in addition to meeting the most basic needs of life, modern people pay more attention to the pursuit of spiritual level, and the soft-wearing industry is an inevitable trend of the pursuit of beauty, whether it is providing suppliers of products or providing design. Decoration companies and designers will become more and more clear about the division of labor, and must be professionally done by professionals. Furniture companies, cabinet companies, and home improvement companies have all begun to enter the field of soft decorations. Soft-pack design has begun to look up in interior design, and has developed toward independent design, and has the momentum to surpass hard-wear design. The soft-packing industry is hot. In addition to its vast development space, a large factor comes from its industry characteristics of low barriers and high profits. Various industries have entered the field of softwear, which seems to be hot, but more are still in the primary exploration stage.




        So what is it called soft? The so-called soft decoration refers to the second furnishings and layout of the interior after the decoration is completed, using accessories and furniture that are easy to change and change position, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative crafts, decorative iron art, etc. As a movable decoration, home accessories can better reflect the taste of the owner. It is the crowning touch for creating a home atmosphere. It breaks the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and re-creates crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants, etc. Combine, design and integrate these soft-packed products according to customer's preference and specific soft-packing style, and finally carry out soft-construction construction according to certain design styles and effects, and finally make the whole space harmonious, warm and beautiful. This concept is completely interpreted from the perspective of terminology. It is very accurate but people are puzzling. For a straightforward example, "The house is reversed, and all the things that fall down belong to the category of soft decoration. This is easy to understand.




        With the improvement of indoor environment requirements, the interior design industry has begun to appear in a new pattern, and the soft-pack design has gradually separated from the interior design and become an emerging market export. A good designer is overall for the design of the home. It involves the entire post-adornment and scene layout. In addition to the need to make the soft-pack design more detailed, the soft-pack designer and the interior designer are clearly distinguished. While improving their own experience and literacy, the division also needs to play a guiding role for the owners. It is best for the owner to listen to the advice of a professional soft designer, because if the owner buys the match separately, it is difficult to achieve integrity. Soft clothing has high requirements for design. How to match light and color according to different styles requires designers to select products according to customers' habits, determine the position of the display, and verify the size. Soft clothing should be more life-oriented and functional, so that the soft-packed combination from single product to all products can reflect the value of design.




        "Soft and hard" sooner or later to achieve separation, compared to the interior design, soft design requirements are higher, it requires more delicate layering and rhythm. Design charging is also the development trend of the soft-packing market. In fact, it can be understood that "hard-packing" is similar to a person's body and bones. After growing and forming, it is difficult to change it. It needs to be beautified by the "soft dressing" of the day after tomorrow. Many girls, although the congenital appearance is not good, but through the makeup of the makeup artist's attention, it will also become a beauty. The soft-pack design is to meet the individual needs of the home. Each person's appreciation angle will have different experiences, and different aesthetic concepts and appeals make the soft-wear design practitioners have higher comprehensive quality.




        The soft-packing industry is undoubtedly still in a good situation. Some experts predict that the soft-packed output value will account for more than 40% of the decoration industry in the next 10 years. Why is the market for softwear in the future big? First, with the increase in the per capita living area, the demand for home decorations has become larger. In the past, the per capita living area was small, and there was no extra place for the display of handicrafts. Nowadays, with the increase of living space, all kinds of handicrafts have become a necessity for home decoration. Second, many real estate companies have also vigorously developed fine-decorated housing projects in order to enhance their market competitiveness. The appearance of a large number of finely decorated rooms will definitely expand the soft decoration market, because the shortcoming of the fine decoration room is that the decoration style is single, the owner can't reflect his personality and taste from the decoration, only in the later soft decoration can make up for the fine This shortcoming of the renovated room.




        In the long-term growth stage of the soft-packing industry, how to proceed from the promising sunrise industry to the actual maturity of the industry is an issue that the industry needs to consider.