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The future development trend of home soft decoration design

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In recent years, both the home furnishing industry and the home improvement and planning industry are proposing a concept: “Soft clothing is bound to become the future development trend...


In recent years, both the home furnishing industry and the home improvement and planning industry are proposing a concept: “Soft clothing is bound to become the future development trend, and the market prospect of soft packaging is very broad.” Into the field of soft decorations, this not only makes the soft-pack design start to rise in the interior design, but also makes the soft-packed in the public home decoration gradually occupy.




Soft clothes are popular at the time




        What is "soft dress"? “Software is mainly related to hardwear. It refers to the part of the post-renovation that can be moved, touched, and the material is relatively soft after finishing the hard work of the floor, wall, doors and windows.” In terms of soft furnishings, it mainly includes furniture, curtains, bedding, lamps, carpets, soft bags, murals, green plants, and small ornaments. With the concept of “light decoration and heavy decoration”, it has been more and more recognized by the vast number of decoration consumers, and the proportion of soft-packed home decoration is getting bigger and bigger, and it is getting more and more people's attention. In terms of soft clothing, almost no two families have the same sofas, curtains, bedding and accessories. Because everyone has different hobbies and habits, the choice of soft products will be different. For example, if someone likes to lie on the sofa, then he must choose a large sofa, so that it will be comfortable. “Soft clothes are more self-contained than hard ones.” Nowadays, soft clothes are getting more and more hot, and there is a great relationship between modern people’s decoration and their self-perception and home comfort.




Softwear must be a new growth point




        The times are changing, the "decoration" world is changing, the market environment is promoting industrial upgrading, and the home industry is promoting the rapid development of soft furnishings. The development of soft furnishings is also subverting the development of the home industry. My country's clothing industry has experienced rapid development for more than 30 years, and the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration is deepening. Under the continuous regulation and control policy of the property market, young people just need to become the first consumption power. Elegant, practical and versatile have become the consumption trends of young people. Facing such a group, soft furnishings such as ornaments, paintings, home textiles, and fabrics are playing an increasingly important role. Therefore, 2015 will be a year of soft-packing, and more and more soft-packing companies have brand awareness. More and more home media are beginning to be in the soft-packed sector. More and more soft-pack designers Will stand out.




        At the time when the traditional home was hit by the winter, the home e-commerce was insanely swaying under the strong stimulation of Internet marketing, inciting the huge market of trillions. The O2O model, which is softly installed in the Internet environment, will completely subvert the business format and operation mode of the traditional home industry, break the limitations of the traditional home industry, and realize the revolution in the home field! With the convenience and efficiency of the Internet, we will carry out targeted integration of the miscellaneous, multi-chasted products involved in the soft-packing, and finally convey the products to consumers in a “fine, simple and accurate” mode. Accurate consumption




        At the same time, the softness of the Internet is more and more powerful, and it is constantly approaching the distance between itself and consumers. The brief introduction of the soft-packing company presents the design of the consumers who can't ask for it in various wonderful ways, so that the designer and the consumer can The same zero stagnation.