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European style introduction

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European style is a style from Europa. There are mainly French style, Italian style, Spanish style, English style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major genres...

European style is a style from Europa. There are mainly French style, Italian style, Spanish style, English style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major genres.


The so-called style is a kind of cultural trend that has been formed with the trend of culture for a long time, with continuous content, unified content and strong uniqueness. European style is the strong cultural connotation expressed by the cultural traditions of European countries.


Painting technique


European style is synonymous with the entire European civilization. It masters all kinds of means, has mature ideas, and knows what limits the realistic expression of reality. At this time, it is true in an authoritative manner. It filters, discards, and refines it.




The European style was originally derived from Egyptian art, and the historical origin of Egypt was positioned around 2850 BC. Egypt's last dynasty monarch Cray O. Patra (famous Cleopatra) resisted the invasion of Rome in 30 BC. After that, Egyptian civilization and European civilization began to merge. Later, Greek art, Roman art, Byzantine art, Roman art, Gothic art, constitute the early European art style, that is, the medieval art style.


From the Renaissance, Baroque art, Rococo style, Louis XVI style, Adam style, government style, Empire style, Dynasty restoration style, Louis-Philippe style, the second Empire style constitutes the main European art style. This period is the main period in which European style is formed. The most famous of them is the Baroque and Rococo style, which is deeply loved by the royal family.


Later, the ACT DECO and the Art Deco style became the mainstream of the new world.


1. Column formation


Doric column The earliest appearance of the Temple of Poseidon in Greece, was built in 460 BC. Mainly popular in Sicily, Italy. Tao Like's personality is characterized by masculinity, sturdy, strong and strong, with a simple stigma, 20 slots, less thread and a strong sense of volume.


The Ionic column was first introduced in the Parthenon, which was built in 432 BC, and is mainly popular in Asia Minor. Ionic's character is feminine, delicate, feminine, with delicate stigma, 24 slots, a variety of curved legs, and a weak volume.


The Corinthian column appeared late, about the end of the 5th century BC, and its stigma consisted of the leaves of Lonicera japonica, like a flower basket, a variant of the Ionian column.


In addition, the author of "The Ten Books of Architecture", the ancient Roman architect Vitruvier proposed a Tuscan column, and the Renaissance Alberti added a hybrid column. The correct understanding and application of these five columns is the foundation of European architectural art.


2. Formation of bond arch technology and structure


The main function of the Greek column was load-bearing, and the Romans invented the vaulted arch wall. Finally, the Romans used the form of beam-column structure to decorate the vault arch wall. The long-term practice resulted in a brand new voucher-style architectural vocabulary. The load-bearing function disappeared and replaced with a decorative function.


Arches and vouchers (Roman vouchers) were formed, and the vouchers became the basic vocabulary of ancient Roman architecture. Marble architecture, exquisitely carved artistic decoration, mosaic mosaic art are the basic features of Roman art.


3. Combination of dome and sail arch


The unique Byzantine architectural vocabulary, the balance of the dome is the second feature of this style. The technique of lifting a circular dome from a square composition comes from Persian architecture, and the Roman temple of Rome is a model for this composition.


4, shape and structure


The shape and structure of Gothic architecture is the second leap in structural art based on Roman architecture. The combination of cross arch, skeleton coupon, double round apex arch, sharp coupons and the use of buttress support vault side thrust structure appeared.




European style is often quoted in villas, clubs and hotel projects. Generally, this kind of project reflects a noble, luxurious, atmospheric and other feelings through European style.


In the general residential apartment project, there is also a common European style. This kind of general pursuit of European style of romance, elegance and quality of life.


In the domestic decoration and decoration project, many European styles have been refined, and the concept of Jane-Europe style has emerged.