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Brand Advantage

The reputation of the brand enables the products well sold and reduces Franchisee’s marketing risk.

With the introduction of the brand, Leadgoal is no longer content with being a well-known enterprise in the industry, but has become a trustworthy brand in the mind of consumers.


Product Advantage

Diversified products meet the need of both large scale comprehensive stores and small boutique shops.

They are good choices of franchisees for their sale in stores of different areas and for sale of leading products.


Management Advantage

Professional management system software provided by Leadgoal assists franchised stores to check stock, analyze sale and manage the re-stock and inventory.

Leadgoal provides Franchisees other effective management tools, assisting them to improve their management level and store operation capacity.


Promotion Advantage

Leadgoal provides associated promotion support for different categories of products, assisting Franchisees to improve end sale.

This also helps them to reduce risk in preliminary marketing pressure and operation.